Here are some links to resources (websites, workshop outlines, articles, etc.) on various topics of interest.


What do Children Need?

Conflict Resolution

The Ten Steps of Log Removal

Why Support Groups Work

Good Grieving

Why I Try to Speak in the "I"

What are Emotions?

"Good and Angry"

The Value of Listening

Show Up and Speak Up


Assessments and Inventories (questionnaires from the Univ. of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center for determining character strengths, levels of happiness, depression symptoms, etc.) (one "quick and dirty" way of determing your Myers-Briggs "type") (another approach to determining your Myers-Briggs "type")

The Enneagram Institute (a model of human personality traits, motivations, etc.)


Websites (Mental/Emotional Health)

The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy

New York Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy (resources for bereaved families & professional caregivers) (National Alliance on Mental Illness) (Emotionally Healthy Spirituality - Pastor Pete Scazzero)


Websites (Peace, Justice and Nonviolence) (The Center for Nonviolent Communication) (Mennonite Central Committee)


The Center for Action and Contemplation


Websites (Recovery)

Alcoholics Anonymous (find a meeting in the U.S. and Canada)

Al-Anon (find a meeting in NYC)

Co-Dependents Anonymous (find a meeting)

Sexual Recovery Anonymous (find a meeting in the NYC metro area)

Overeaters Anonymous (find a meeting)

Narcotics Anonymous (find a meeting)

Debtors Anonymous (find a meeting in the NYC metro area)

Underearners Anonymous (find a meeting)

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